cash for homes

Cash for Homes in Wichita Buyers – Will I Get A Fair Price?

Time and money are crucial factors when you are selling your home. If you need to sell your Wichita house fast… there are local professional home buying companies who pay cash for homes in Wichita Kansas. Let’s dive into how you can sell your local Wichita house fast and get cash for your house in … Continued
who can buy my home with cash in Wichita

Who can buy my home with cash in Wichita KS?

Selling a home in this tough economy is no walk in the park. If you are facing a foreclosure, then chances are you are grappling with the question, “who can buy my home with cash in Wichita?” Well, fret not! There are several options that you can explore when putting your home up for fast … Continued
who are the cash house buyers

Who are the cash house buyers in Wichita KS?

You’ve seen the “we buy houses in Wichita” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… even in other cities across Kansas… so who are these cash house buyers in Wichita KS?  Are they legit? How does it work?  Who should I trust? We’ll dive into these questions here in this … Continued
Foreclosure effects

Foreclosure Effects In Wichita KS – What Sellers Need To Know

Foreclosure is a nightmare to any family going through it irrespective of the reasons why they are about to lose their home. Today we are going to look at the foreclosures effects in Wichita KS and what local house sellers need to know. First we will look at the effects and the ways of easing them. … Continued
how to sell distressed property

How To Sell A Distressed Property in Wichita

Life can bring unexpected changes that leave you searching for solutions. Homes can fall into states of disrepair that are far beyond the owner’s capacity to handle. There could have been a death, divorce, illness, or job loss, leading to lost income or a forced relocation at play. For those who need to know how … Continued

How To Sell a Probate Property in Wichita

After facing the loss of a loved one who didn’t have a will or investments protecting against the process altogether, probate can mean long drawn out proceedings, especially with larger estates.  It can be costly to go through, so avoid making the mistake of skipping any of the legal requirements which can further tie up … Continued

4 Ways a Foreclosure Will Impact You in Wichita

Besides the obvious strain and emotional impact the situation can have on your family and personal relationships, foreclosure can also devastate your finances. From the clothes you wear to the car you drive, or even where you reside or work, it will have a residual effect on your life for years to come.  ICT House … Continued
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5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Wichita

So you find yourself ready to sell and while you don’t want to pay all of the commissions and fees that come along with a traditional real estate agent, you also dread all that is involved with listing the property as for sale by owner. At ICT House Buyers, we’ll take the time to listen … Continued

A Direct Sale vs. Hiring an Agent When Selling Your House in Wichita

Considering selling? You may be wondering about which is the better option, a direct sale vs. hiring an agent when selling your house in Wichita. Life events can change your housing situation, at times despite your wishes. The time required until closing with each option is just as much of a consideration as the effect … Continued
Exploring options for selling house

Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your House in Wichita

It’s been said that selling your home can be more stressful than many other major life events. When you’re under duress and need to sell quickly, additional strain is added to the mix. We’ll help you by exploring your options when selling your Wichita house.  Listing Agent Let’s explore selling your house in Wichita through … Continued
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7 Documents You Need When Selling Your House in Wichita

Need to sell your house in Wichita? Things will move along much more swiftly and smoothly if you are prepared from the start by organizing all of your documents. Paperwork is a given during legal transactions and it’s no different when you’re selling your house in Wichita. You’ll want to have the following 6 documents … Continued
steps for selling your house with tenants

5 Steps For Selling Your House With Tenants in Wichita

Selling your house can be a stressful task in itself, but how do you sell a house if you have tenants already in place? Here are five steps for selling your house with tenants in Wichita. Step #1: Ask the Tenants The first step to selling your house with tenants in Wichita is to notify … Continued